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Understanding Detail Express

Detail Express...

...generally requires no appointment, as it is a "while-you-wait" service. Usually, each service takes about 30 minutes, but of course this would vary based on individual needs.

Examples of services would include:

Fast Wax (aka Hand Wax, Express Wax): a wax is applied by hand or with a vibrating orbital to buff the wax onto the finish. Depending on the product selected, the protection can last one year, six months, three months, or one month. See your local detail center for their options.

Carpet Express (aka Express Shampoo): The carpets and mats are cleaned with either a carpet scrubber or an extractor.

Interior SuperClean: A complete and thorough vacuum, window cleaning and dash, console and vent cleaning. Different detail centers offer varying specifics.

Compare with Traditional Auto Detailing

Detail Express